Oxygen Cylinder Transfiller System: DIN-477 to CGA-540


MH TR-105c Oxygen Cylinder Transfiller System

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Mountain High TR-105c Oxygen Cylinder Transfiller System (DIN-477 to CGA-540)


The TR-105c provides economical oxygen transfilling for soaring and flying clubs where frequent servicing of cylinders occurs. Both connecting ends have O-ring seals for a positive air-tight fit.

The pressure/contents gauge at the supply side shows how much oxygen remains in the master supply cylinder. The additional gauge at the slave cylinder or aircraft side monitors cylinders being filled.

The master transfer (regulating) valve controls the flow of oxygen into the cylinder or aircraft being filled. A separate bleed valve allows bleeding only the fittings (rather than the entire service line) with almost no loss of valuable oxygen.

The DIN-477 version of the TR-105c transfiller is compatible with DIN-477-9 Swiss/Euro supply cylinders.

However to fill a European DIN-477 oxygen bottle you also need a CGA-540 to DIN-477 adapter!