Oxygen Cylinder Transfiller System


DIN477 #9 Oxygen Cylinder Transfiller System

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Oxygen Cylinder Transfiller System (DIN477-9 to DIN477-9)


This custom-made transfiller system provides economical oxygen transfilling for soaring and flying clubs where frequent servicing of cylinders occurs. Both connecting ends have O-ring seals for a positive air-tight fit. The pressure gauge shows the oxygen pressure of the connected O2 cylinder.

A vent valve (yellow knob) is fitted in the system so that the high-pressure hose can be depressurized before dismantling. This makes loosening of the connectors more easily and prevents damaging the O-ring seals.


  • High pressure hose suitable for oxygen (2m long)
  • Operating pressure of the high pressure hose max. 315 bar
  • With analogue manometer accuracy class 2.5 up to 400 bar
  • Operating temperature range -10°C to +60°C
  • With air vent valve
  • Euro DIN 477-9 connectors

You will need a Residual Pressure Valve adapter to open this valve, when filling O2 cylinders with a Residual Pressure Valve.

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