EDS Cannulas for EDS pulse demand systems


Cannulas for EDS O2D1 and O2D2 systems.

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Cannulas for the EDS pulse demand systems.

  • For use until 18,000 ft
  • For use with all 6mm One-Touch fittings
  • With 120 cm long kink-resistant tubing
  • With standard- or Flare-tip cannula

The EDS cannula and tubing have been specially designed and tested to provide the user with the correct flow with the kink-resistant tubing. Do not use standard medical cannulas as you may not receive adequate oxygen flow or oxygen conserving optimization.

The Flare Tip cannula is to be used if the Standard cannula does not trigger the EDS unit. It will create the required underpressure more easily and is especially suitable for persons that may have a larger nostril.

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Standard tip, Flare tip