Yaesu SSM-20A Speaker Microphone


Yaesu speaker microphone with spiral cord.

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Waterproof Yaesu loudspeaker microphone with screw-on connector and side PTT button.

Suitable for the complete Yaesu FTA series:

  • FTA-250L
  • FTA-450L
  • FTA-550L
  • FTA-550AA
  • FTA-750L
  • FTA-850L

The SSM-20A is the successor of the SSM-10A. Only the mounting of the microphone capsule has been modified.

The SSM-20A microphone is supplied with a screw-on connector to ensure a permanent connection to the radio. An optional earphone such as the SEP-10A or similar can be connected to the SSM-20A. PTT button on the side, protection class IP57.

Made in Japan

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