Bugwiper pulley – Jumbo


2 x Jumbo deflection units: tight deflection without frictional losses.

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The encapsulated deflection pulley is combined with the side-wall bushing and has almost frictionless ball bearings. This allows the cable for the bug-wiper to be deflected and guided directly along the cockpit wall. This avoids the need for Bowden cables running through the fuselage and makes installation even more space-saving.
Especially on aircraft with top hinged cleaning wings (e.g. Schleicher aircraft), bugwiper engine installation is often easier and more space-saving.
The deflection is approx. 95°, the Bowden cable is thus immediately guided back to the cockpit wall and from there it is further guided to the engine unit.

Technical data:

  • Housing diameter approx. 20mm
  • Frictionless deflection
  • Side-wall bushing length 34mm (can be shortened)
  • Bowden cable connection for original Jumbo-tube

Scope of delivery:

  • 2 x Jumbo deflectors with integrated dropside bushing
  • 2 x Shrink hose, inside self-adhesive for fixing the Bowden cable

We recommend regular inspection of the pull cables for chafe marks and preventive replacement every 2 years.